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Recent Life

      I am most definitely not in the mood for making a silly little family tree for Upward Bound by Tuesday! Thus I thought I would write an entry to embrace my terrible habit of procrastination. I think I'll include my cats in the project at one point, yes, that would be suitable. Who wouldn't include their closest pets in a family tree? 
      A while back I borrowed a bowl (yes they were literally contained in a big bowl) of old comics from the 70's from one of my buddies Paige. They were very entertaining actually, despite me jumping into various scenarios every issue I got the grasp of all the stories quite well. I believe my favorite was this one comic from 1992 called Slapstick It's about a guy named Steve Harmon who accidentally walks into a portal disguised as a mirror and is transformed into a very cartoony character named, well Slapstick. It's very fun and I found it clever how Slapstick always managed to find his way out of things verbally. I also found the cartoony look of the art amusing. But I believe the main reason as to why I fancied those two comics were because they referenced a lot of other characters from the Marvel universe.
      I'm pretty sure I'll never finish reading Homestuck. I am scarcely at the beginning of Act 4 in the unfinished work by Andrew Hussie that has already amounted to over 7000 Ms. Paint/Photoshop crafted pages! And I am very, very far away from nearing the end of this grand comic. I gotta say, I am very impressed by Hussies' choice of words, very impressed. I don't know why but when any writer uses impressive prose or description I say this in my head: "These words make Tom Heehler question his own sanity." (Tom Heehler is the author of The Well Spoken Thesaurus for those of you who don't know) I tend to say this far too often and it's driving me mad. Any who, right now I am on the part where Rose Lalonde discovers the Land of Light and Rain. It's pretty exciting actually, though I'm not particularly sure how she ended up there in the first place, it's been a while since I've actually read the comic. It's also very fast paced now because, well I saw John Egbert go through the first gate into the land of Wind and Shade, which looks a degree sinister, the Land of Wind and Shade seems rather dark and gloomy and just over-all creepy, perhaps it's due to the salamanders that reside there. By writing this you can clearly tell I'm not far into the comic. Okay, I think I'll go read a bit of Homestuck right now.


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Nov. 14th, 2012 08:48 pm (UTC)
Cats in a family tree = perfectly logical. Heck, I'd probably include my hamster and dogs in a family tree if I had to do one.

A bowl of comics. That's somehow very amusing. I wonder who puts comics in a bowl and why. Anyhow, that's a well-formed opinion of Slapstick you've got there. Most people are not that good at explaining why they like the things they like.

Ugh, Homestuck! I understand your feelings. I'm currently beginning Act 5 (I'm specifically at the part where one of the trolls organizes their session of the game. Maybe that was a bit of a spoiler. Maybe not.) I actually have the exact same feelings towards the prose as you do. I love how Hussie phrases things. He'll be all eloquent one moment and then say something kind of stupid-sounding right after a large paragraph of well-crafted prose. The website TVTropes calls this sort of thing Sophisticated As Hell (link takes you to that article; perhaps it'll explain my feelings towards Hussie's writing better than I could). Homestuck. It never ceased to amaze people, I think.
Nov. 16th, 2012 08:58 am (UTC)
I found the bowl amusing as well, and I just sorta chuckled to myself when I was handed that huge bowl stacked with comics. Also, that article nailed Hussie's style of writing into a short and simple summary that just cut to the chase. I really liked the link. The option of using different levels of language presents itself frequently in my speech, but I never take the chance. Words tend to slip out of my tongue when I speak, and perhaps I'll use varied language a bit more often, thank you.
Ah yes, I believe Act 5 starts with the reader meeting Karkat Vantas? I'm not entirely sure. I should really catch up to that point as well.
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