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I'm so Sorry For the Wait Cesar

It’s been a while Willow tree. A while since I've written anything at all. I've been far too caught up with other things. Concerns like school, improvement of art skill, music discovery (thank goodness for low fi electronic music) and putting up with my incredibly religious guardians. There is a lot to avoid with them. I have to avoid offending their beliefs or suggestions, rude behavior, sitting with my legs open, eating icky fabricated food, murdering people through an online avatar. My parents try to make me avoid all these things and countless more, but I personally believe that parents can’t control their child’s personal beliefs beyond age eleven. They become exposed to sexual revolution. Foreign films. Different branches of religion or lack thereof and habits of friends/fictional characters. They become influenced and aware of the inexhaustible variety of life and strive to become a productive member of society. At least, if you raise them with some degree of that virtue.
Let's just pretend that one day has passed between my last entry and this one. I don't even want to glance at any of my previous entries at this point. They're probably pretty embarrassing or show a lack of depth. It's too many old concerns tangled up in the loom of even older entries. Though much has changed over those months. I still retain a pretty good deal of who I was during the summer. I believe the only thing that's changed is my independency, knowledge of media manipulation and the size of my music library. Lisannette still gets pissed that I blow all my cash on iTunes cards but that's quite  alright. I'd rather spend my money on full albums rather than food anyways. A peculiar habit I've developed is a lack of hunger. I simply feel a physical emptiness inside of me. Certainly someone would say, "oh man I'm so hungry" if one hasn't ate for the past nine hours and the lining of one's stomach began digesting itself. However my experience with hunger is more of a, "something is missing inside my abdomen area but this is not necessarily categorized as hunger" kind of feeling. It's rather ridiculous how I can go over 15 hours without so much as a glass of water or food and not be very hungry or thirsty at all. If anything my frugality with food is terrifying. One day I'll forget that eating is a thing that is required for humans to remain alive and I'll die in the middle of a classroom. That'll be the way I want to go. Just slumping over in my chair with my eyes rolled in the back of my head. Right in the middle of my Spanish class. Yes that will undoubtedly scare the stuffing right out of the Freshman and spice up things in the class.
In addition, the summer season has also unearthed to me some classic wisdom: time wasted is a complete flipping tragedy. Time lost is knowledge lost, connections lost, money lost, growth lost, achievement lost, production lost, but most importantly it is time lost. What's more valuable than time? That's an easy question to answer. And the answer is: The knowledge that time is just a concept created by humans in order to explain its linearity from our point of view. And it's flipping relative for christ's sake, and does not move in a linear path at all, some people would disagree by perhaps saying,

"Hey buddy get off the pedestal, obviously time is linear for every thing with mass in the universe, because humans can't time travel or slow down time as we know it."

I'd likely respond with,

"Hey there man don't you realize that the entire universe doesn't revolve around seven billion damn humans and that perhaps there are certain things in the known universe called black holes that are capable of warping time and space as we know it."

What I'm saying is, if black holes had personalities. let's say with human-like tendencies, then some random black hole at one point in time is bound to make a rash comment like:

"Hey buddy get off the pedestal, obviously time is an illusion and illogical for every thing with mass because I, a selfish black hole do not perceive time as a human can,"

And If I were a black hole, I'd likely respond with:

"Hey there man don't you realize that the entire universe doesn't revolve around a couple black holes like us and that perhaps there a certain living organisms called humans that are capable of viewing time as something completely linear."

I'm not sure where I was going with this argument. I think I was just trying to prove that sometimes black holes could be assholes ignorant if given human-like personalities.
I have to do a great deal of homework to finish, I'm closing up this entry now, see you later Willow Tree. I'll be back soon. And this time without a hiatus.