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          Earlier today I walked outside. Alone. I took a gander at the tree that stands firmly near the sidewalk, and I eagerly climbed it. I sat upon a branch and watched a bird fly briskly onto the pavement. It was a shifty one. A stressed bird that appeared to be balding. My cat Gary saw the bird bounce from the corner of those sensitive cat eyes. Eyes that saw all movement  and eyes that almost reached the priveledge being named sacred. Yes. My cat witnessed that shifty bird scour the floor for food. I watched Gary coil up on the fence. I was a spectator. I  leaned my head softly on the trunk. At this lofty height I felt slightly lightheaded and I squinched often. I rolled my eyes over the bird, then my cat, then I heard a soft buzz emanating from my neighbor's abandoned summer house. That buzz was short lived and it dissapeared from my ears as easily as it came in. But that buzz bothered me. A powerful nuisance I could not bear any longer. But of course I innevitably had to release myself from the grasp of these branches carefully! Or else I would suffer a fate worse than any other. The fate of dying in vain. I completely erased the thought of Gary hunting and I slid off those branches like seabuiscuts. I landed with a thud that sent that bird flying God-knows-where and I followed the buzz that resumed it's hideous melody. I glanced at the direction of the noise and found myself squinching at our sun splashed shed. It was a nice morning. A moring in which a soldier could die with the reassursance that some things in this life never fail to come. Such as this yellow sun I witnessed on this divine morning. So then BOOM I saw the corner of our neighbor's house completly engulfed in bumblebees.
      Yup. It appears I have a bee problem.