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      I AM SO GLAD I CAN FINALLY WRITE AGAIN. The primary excuse I have for my month long absence is that I recently took on two new hobbies and I've been trying to improve my grades. Well one hobby you already know, painting and "sponsoring" paintings for this guy who's been recently living in our shed with us (his name's Homer, he's going to make me paint a dancing lady, I'm not to well acquainted with the details yet) And then theres this mystery of a hobby that hopped out of the blue two weeks ago.
      Around the whereabouts of three weeks prior, my mom drove me home because I missed the bus. She works three blocks away from the school. Considering how I've never driven home with my mother from work,  she took a route that I've never seen before. And we drove through the main road. Now there was this building across the four way intersection called Solo Comics. I've been interested in purchasing comics for a while now. Thanks to The Mindhut.com. But I have never fathomed of going through the labor of actually purchasing one. To speak truly I was excited about going there the following day. I had ten dollars in my wallet and    I was planning to get a Batman comic or a Sweet Tooth comic. And when I entered the succeeding day I was blown away by the awesome immensity of beauty I witnessed upon entering this marvelous cave of awesome.
      I saw comic books stacked on walls, on shelves, tables, stands, you name it there was comic books on it. Anime and superhero posters enveloped the walls, and other superhero memorabilia hung on copper and brass hooks. It was just oh my God I cannot fathom nor explain how beautiful it all was to me. 
      Any who, this big hulking guy with a sweet smile turns around from his lawn chair and says "hello!" in this big cheery voice. I can understand why he spoke like that, I mean, if I was an employee in a comic book store I would be speaking with profound joy all the friggen time! I replied with an enthusiastic hello that surprised even me, take into consideration that I scarcely use an enthusiastic tone with strangers. He told me to feel free to look around and if I had any questions to simply ask him. 
      Where to start? That was my primary inquiry when I looked at the walls. I then remembered that Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo had been writing a new series of Batman to add to the New 52 DC comic line that made it's debut in September. Well, I began my quest to find that and to my complete surprise I found it in  an instant. They didn't have the first issue in stock, so I purchased issues two, three, and four. I felt very contempt walking out of that store. A specific definition of what I felt that day escapes me, but I bought my first comic book that day and I felt like a friggen champion. I suspect another subtle reason as to why I made that purchase that day was to improve my superhero angles and to improve my anatomy skills by studying the people in the panels.
        Well me and the jolly man are pretty good friends now. Turns out he owns the Gamestop adjacent to Solo Comics. His name is James and the way he twists and turns any bad situation into a good one is remarkable. Like when his stuff came in late one day because merchandise was stolen out of the truck, he just pat the delivery guy on the back and told him not to worry, and that he hopes those thieves enjoyed their free comics/graphic novels. But I see why he's instilled with such joy. It's because he owns a comic book store for God's sake. If I owned a comic book store and a Gamestop I would be in a lawn chair with tears of joy! He has every reason to be happy.
      And I believe I forgot to mention, today was the last day of school and I'm free as a pigeon to write, paint, and read all summer long. Perhaps I want to be a housewife for those sole activities. Boy that'll be the day... There isn't a good portion of events to write about during the last day of school. Except for the fact that I checked out ten books over the summer. Well, Willow Tree you're already far too aware that I don't have many friends, so I can't write much about people anymore. Sometimes I fear I'll become some solitary cat lady all alone with her paint and poetry. I need more friends. No I don't, I have my cat. Dear lord what is wrong with me? Oh yes and recently my cat Gary passed away. I wrote an entry concerning this but I don't want to go into detail. So here's the last sketch I ever made of her before her passing.
      It's not that great but I made this in twenty minutes and she shifted a lot in her sleep. This is my most highly regarded sketch by virtue of the sentimental value I have towards it.
      Too bad I'll be granted but one week of freedom. I have to take college classes over summer for Upward Bound. Shannon says that it's a very difficult class that concerns an abundance of math. If you knew me well you would know I suck at math and anything related to it. Damn. I'll forever regret choosing Astronomy. Well I'll post much more often since it's summer vacation. t was a good freshman year. A solitary, but good freshman year.