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Cheers To A Loss of Trust

      I'm not entirely sure why I even put my trust in her hands in the first place. You may recall how I told you that Brenda would be setting me up with a new kitty to replace Gary? Well let's rewind approximately four days back. I was reading Les Mis (yes I'm still reading it after what seems like five months) when I remembered that she was giving away two kittens she found in a landfill. I wanted something, something living and breathing to fill up that hole that Gary had left in my memory. So I was going to call my parents from work to see if I could get one.
      After much convincing and persuading they reluctantly agreed. But who cares, I'm getting a cat! So I texted Brenda on Thursday inquiring of which colors were they, their gender etc. etc. I decided to get the little ginger kitty because I've always wanted one of that color. She proceeded in sending me a photo and it was adorable, with those deep blue yes that could swallow an acre's worth of water! Man you should ave seen it. It looked like the reborn Jesus in cat form. And to fathom that this cat would soon be living and breathing in our house! I had already scratched some names down in a notebook, all of them names of famous authors/artists. I was mainly relying on Chomsky, Victor, or Edith. But I was not entirely concerned with the name at the time.
      Brenda stated that if there were no takers for the other kitten, that she would put them back in the landfill. Honestly a landfill? I asked why  she didn't just put them in the pound where they would surely be taken care of. But she replied a whole our later with:
      That peeved me off a bit. But I wouldn't fret much because I knew well one of them would get a great loving home with us.
      Fast forward to yesterday morning. I put my hair up in a neat bun and slipped on a pair of decent jeans. I was ecstatic to retrieve the kitten on foot. Of course, I didn't have the disrespect to walk up to her house and snatch the cat from it's temporary home. So I texted Brenda to warn her that I was coming today. Here's how the convo went:

Me: hey Brenda I'm coming to get the kitty today C:
Brenda: oh we put them back
      I thought she was just joking with me, but I could feel that evident hint of truth. So I replied:
Me: haha I'll be there at 12:00
      And that's when my mind split in two.
Brenda: no rly we put them back in the landfill I'm sorry
      I was just. Baffled. I could not believe she didn't tell me this earlier. My daydreams of owning an adorable orange kitty were stepped on,stabbed, salted and then drenched in topical alcohol that burned with the foggy emotion of anger. Why didn't she warn me? Why the heck didn't she call me before they dumped them back in a a giant pile of garbage! Might as well toss them in a wood chipper for all I care! Brenda's angered me quite a bit of times as seen in some of my past entries, but practically giving away the life of two kittens for no evident reason, and under the circumstances that one of them technically belonged to me! Jeez. I don't ever want to put up with any of her arguments with Jared. Not anymore.
      I texted back with the inquiry of which landfill she put the kittens in, I was planning to save them and be the hero of the day. But alas, she never texted back, out of pure sympathy or in regard of God-knows what. but I sat on the edge of the couch, eyeballing the kitty kibble I purchased two days prior. I wished to toss it off the roof in a it of anger. But that would be foolish and wasteful, so instead I carried that bag to the vet and donated it. And in return the receptionist gave me a discount on my other cat, Sibella's next checkup. I guess I'll just remain with her for the moment.


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Jul. 11th, 2012 09:56 pm (UTC)
Dear God. I wouldn't maintain a friendship with someone like that.
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