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It Appears I Have Returned

    Well well, it appears I haven't posted in quite  a few months. This has happened to me twice now, failing to write regularly in a journal. Forgive me Willow Tree. Despite the fact that you're entirely composed of data, you mean so much more to me than a mere arrangement of information. I would like to thank Cesar for drawing me back to Livejournal. He said I haven't posted in a while and that he was looking forward for a new post. I was a bit sad that that I haven't written in such a belated time and I felt a rather depressed for the rest of that day. I felt as if I didn't just fail myself, but others. Such as the very few people who even bothered to read this journal regularly. Okay, well I inevitably must make a few updates! In bullet form of course.
• I have grown a very strong bond with the cat that Tonie (not Brenda o_o) has permitted me to keep. It's a calico cat named Edith. I named her after Edith Wharton, one of my most highly bestowed authors. I feel as if she is the reincarnation of my dearly departed Gary, primarily because  she never stops meowing at the birds out the window and she meows constantly just like Gary.
• Ah yes, I have started my sophomore year at Lower Lake High School, which is hands down the most ghetto school I have ever encountered in California
• I have been on a journey to become a great painter and comic book collector
• I Have been converted into a near complete sociopath 
• My writing skills have deteriorated like goth cakes
• My love for Neutral Milk Hotel has grown tenfold 
         So Halloween's just around the corner and I may get a Wolverine costume from Party City. Yes I know. My parents are hardcore Christians and they would never approve of me purchasing a Wolverine costume. Or any costume for that matter. So I'm going to pay James (the owner of Solo Comics) to order it for me. I'm a huge fan of Wolverine, I've got at least 30 Wolverine comics and two graphic novels. It's great because Mac (one of our teachers for Upward Bound) is a devoted fan as well, and he's considering letting me borrow a box of old Wolverine comics! I told him that would delight me to a "friggen unfathomable extent" and I would appreciate it for more than a lifetime. To me, Mac is like the Wolverine of our world. He has a slightly dark yet comical personality, almost as if he's hiding a secret that he envelopes with humor and sarcasm. I don't know, it's a bit confusing. I really should have taken that personality theories class over the summer. And much like Logan, Mac has extensive knowledge about alcoholic beverages and worldly issues. In fact, Mac told me that he likes Wolverine because he relates to him abundantly. Though I didn't ask how exactly he related to Wolverine, I can more or less tell by his behavior alone.
        I don't have to much to say for now, at the moment my mind is like a blank canvas and I don't have anything to state. I simply wanted to type an entry to remind myself and others that I'm still alive. I currently feel accomplished.