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     Why I named the subject that, I'm not sure. But I did quote that on Friday when me and Laura were contemplating of words and how they vauguley relate to their meanings. I mentioned the word cramped and I'm not sure why, but I liked the sound of it. Even after I said that I replied,
     " Hey! That sounds kinda nice now that I consider it!"
      And so I ended up with writing on my arm that day.
     Anywho. It's spring Break for the people of Clearlake at present and I have no idea what to do. I was planning to read The Great Gatsby, but I beleived that writing in my Livejournal would be a far better idea to execute. Later I'm planning to walk to the bookstore not to purchase any books (perhaps) but to speak to new people or to make friends with the casheir or something. My brother Eduardo went bowling with his friends and I'm all alone in this somber looking house. Sometimes I wish I dwelled in a nice log cabin where I could chop wood and identify mushrooms all day. Now that I conceive of it, I think I just may waltz on over to the pier today. Yes, that sure would give me a rush of notalgia! When I was a kiddo my father would occasionaly take me there to look at the water. I shall do these things right now.


Dandy Coats and Zombie Compiling

Well, I have not posted in a while and I wanted to remind you people that i'm still alive. First off I want to say that yesterday was a pleasant day because my family and I went to Burlington Coat Factory. I've never stepped inside a Burlington Coat Factory but my sister stated that they have very fancy, if anything "eloquent" appearal. Lisannette had been a nuisance the whole entire ride by her constant singing so when I finaly had the chance to get away from her I took it and walked into the store alone. I was only there to purchase a nice detective coat, or at least something that would give me a slight appearance of Inspector Javert from Les Miserables because you know, I'm a big fan of the book. There were a couple of celestial coats hanging high above my head for show, and though I found favor among the design of these coats, they were all dyed bright pink and green, cheetah print, or plaid. I just yearned for a black one so I moved on to the small section.
Boy, were there some nice coats or what! I just wanted to purchase that whole section! The downside was that they cost a heavy penny, and the vast majority of them were priced over 100 dollars or they were too short in length. Everytime I encountered a nice coat over 100 dollars I glared angrily at the price tag, forrowed my brows and brought them low over my eyes, giving me a sinister appearance. It was entertaining you could say, primarily because a woman looked over at when I happened to do that and she immediatley ambled to another section. I guess my expertise frowns are too much for some people to bear.
But there was one coat I was particularly fond of and it was sixty dollars! It has four oversized buttons, exagerated shoulders, and reaches down to my lower thighs. (Now that I think of it, you probably dont care much) I can now honestly proclaim that I own a dandy coat. Now that I recall I owned one in the seventh grade, but my mom threw it away because all of the buttons fell off. If only I knew of the saying "stitch in time save nine" back in the day.
Today, ah yes, Sunday... Definetly not one of my most favorable days of the week, but today could be desribed as nice. I've been using the word nice a lot in this entry, but nice is a word that would describe my day in a whole.
I was instilled with an abundance of thoughts during church today. I felt like a friggen Existentialist. These thoughts mainly revolved around inquiries like, "what is life?" Oh right, I haven't told you yet, I'm an atheist now thanks to Cesar. He made my head pound like a jackhammer with all of his evidence of the nonexistence of God but in the end he managed to convince me that there is none. Which is a bit ironic considering I attend Bible Study every Sunday. I've been rich with contradiction and anguish. But who knows how I'll end up? Anyways, in the middle of church I thought back to this show on MTV that aired in 2010, My Life as Liz. It's a bit funny now that I entertain the show's purpose. To show us of the life of a fake, pessimistic, somewhat sexist hipster? Honestly I don't remember the show too much, but I do remember how gloomy that Liz was.
She hated all women at her school because they were so preppy, and she also had affintity for Star Wars? Gosh I dont know, but the only thing I can say of the series was that it revolved around an unrealistic setting and that everything was scripted even though MTV strated that this was a "reality tv show". Funny funny memories...
Well, today in UB, we got our grade for the zombie story we were supposed to compile from our "amazing minds", and honestly I must say, I think my story came out pretty good. And I'm not attempting to sound arrogant but that's just my opinion. I'm not going to go into detail at all but I just wanted to state that, hey, I got a 95 on it and I'm proud of my writing. Though Ive never written any form of thriller It was a nice to experience a new genre of story telling and Mac said I did adequate for my first attempt.

Transformers and My Disease

Ah yes, Wednesday, my most highly regarded day of the week. Only because I don't have P.E.. In first period (English Honors 1) we have started our course in one of Shakespeare's most well known tragedies, Romeo And Juliet. I was not looking forward to this unit. In fourth grade as I recall, I attempted reading it when I was bored out of my mind in a waiting room. I knew of the general plot and thought it only proper to learn more about this great tragedy. I recollect many confusing sentences, often infused with the words thou shall and thy. I felt as if I was reading the King James bible! So I shoved the book back into it's shelf, and exchanged it for a frayed and yellow car magazine. Considering how I'm evidently older, more matured and more capable of understanding sentences than I was in the fourth grade, I'm going to lean the thought that this book's going to be easy to read.
Clothes are an enigma to me. I wonder when we inaugurated clothes as "fashion" in the place of protection from the elements? Who discovered underwear? Why are we judged so vastly on what we wear? Why are certain people allergic to certain cloth? I've been contemplating clothes, people, and how they correspond. I somewhat suspect that the majority of teens judge people at first glance by what they're wearing. I attempt to keep my prejudice at a minimum, but who can honestly say they've never judged someone? I still haven't unearthed anything all that staggering about clothes, and I feel as if I have used that word far too much on this paragraph already, so let's move onto a contrasting subject.
Transformers. Why you ask? Because they are friggen astounding enigmas as well! They are the ultimate boys toy. Honestly, what boy can say they've never had a Transformer at some point of their childhood? Allow me to discuss them.
When I was a kid, I was fascinated by these complex toys,"How do these magical things turn from a car into a crime fighting alien/robot?" I often asked myself. I recall how when I was six years old my father took me to one of his friend's house. This man had a boy who loved anything relating to violence. So of course when I was searching through his marvelous collection of forgotten toys, I stumbled upon a Transformer. Hallelujiah.
"I must know the secret!"
I yelled in my head. And so, one vain thought came after another, and I pulled the armor off with near fatal efforts. I soon learned the nuts and bolts of these wonders. Poigantly I knew this wasn't even my toy. The person that it belonged to escapes me yet can recall my punishment as if it occurred yesterday.... (A truckload of spankings) If it ever comes to me, I'll thank them for their benevolent donation.
We all know those two in one shampoo/conditioner bottles that we find next to mops in mexican stores right? Well, let's think of Transformers like that, for evident reasons. Two toys in one? Not to mention that they were a combination of my two favorite things in the world as an arrogant child, cars, robots, and weapons of mass destruction. I was a strange kiddo.
I also love how these toys are not only directed at nerds, but at the whole damn ecosystem of males ages seventeen and younger. Contemplate it, what would be of Hasbro if they did not bring the debut of the 1985 Transformer? It would have lost 1 billion dollars in the US alone. Transformers changed Hasbro's history and they were one of the most successful toys in the history of marketing. I salute you.

What is Nonchalant?

I haven't been on Livejournal in quite some time. My excuse is finals. They are very stressing and I did not manage to find the time to write. (not to mention I don't have internet in my abode)
I am happy to say that I passed algebra 1 with flying colors. You may be thinking, "algebra 1? Please a third grader can do that." And I know that this is very simple, but I'm not skilled in the art of math, so an A- in any form of algebra is a milestone for me.
I've also been very caught up in classic books such as Moby Dick, Les Miserables, House of Mirth, Ethan Frome, The Grapes of Wrath and The Age of Innocence. I have an affinity for all books from the 50's era and under. Sure the books published today are well done and informative. With much gestures and objectiveness, with reeling characters that "snare the heart and soul", but I feel as if old books have an extra "umpf" in them, they have more "blue collar" thoughts in them if you ask me. Not to mention, a good friend of this website got me very into two bands named, The Decemberists and, They Might Be Giants.
God how I love my life as it is at this very moment. Primarily being that our fridge is densley stocked with buckets of Yoplait (strawberry flavored) and because my teacher very much liked my fiction of the Holocaust. The things that are in my room give me a strange tangible feeling right now. A feeling of swollen anticipation of "God knows what". It reminds me a bit of this quote:
Somewhere someone is traveling furiously toward you,
At incredible speed, traveling day and night,
Through blizzards and desert heat, across torrents, through narrow passes.
But will he know where to find you,
Recognize you when he sees you,
Give you the thing he has for you?


Well, hooray for me. Today I managed to get my I-pod stolen from my backpack. Am I angry? No, but I am a bit disapointed at my lack of "defense". It's a bit ironic considering how I just purchased an I-tunes card on Sunday. Pity pity. I sure hope that person appreciates my sacrifice for them! Ruffians.
Also on that Sunday, I purchased a calander, two stainless steel pencils (0.5 lead), and a navy blue notebook. For a reason, this was rather enlightening to me and I harbored a feeling of great joy. There's some part of me that has an obesession with anything relating to office supplies. I'm sure we all have our discreet treasures that we hold near to our chests. And mine is, office supplies.
          My cat's lately been in a very unstable trance for these past two weeks. She seems to waiting for some form of an inevitable disaster that only she she knows will come. It's as if my siamese can sense the Apocalypse approaching or something. At times I see her just staring dimly out window at nothing in extreme anticipation. And when I look out the window I see nothing but the wooden fence, and the telephone's power lines.


          Today I will not have a specific topic, so I'll simply ramble on like an idiot while listening to some lovely music of they eighties and of time when MTV actually played useful muses and such things as, yeah. Just the sound of my hands typing away makes me feel accomplished. Earlier yesterday, I painted a picture of a boy walking into a pit of snakes with some somber purple mountains in the backdrop, and a bright sun burning over yellow pastures. Yeah, it may not sound too enlightening, yet It just brought out a mysterious happiness in me that my mother hasn't seen in quite some time. Yesterday she kept on wondering, ruminating of why I was so giddy about painting a mere picture. Well, people don't really take note of how much I enjoy painting! I may not be the best, but sorry I left my flip-flops in the washing machine. Thats a partial quote from The Social Network. Oh my goodness. I just glanced out the window and I just saw the most beautiful view. It kinda reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to run around the parking lot of my apartment like a spazz with a flashlight glowing in my hand at 8:00PM. The sky always looked like that when I ran around at the peak of my life when i had the most energy. Now I'm merely a lazy person who's constantly on the inter webs looking up carpel tunnel and toads and, such. Which reminds me, on Thursday I tried out the P90X during PE.
          Well actually, it was mandatory. Before the video began, we were shown images that said, "do not try any of the following excursuses if you have had any joint problems, breathing problems, or constant fatigue." I'm assuming they were attempting to scare us by tossing all of these precautions at our manipulative thoughts. But i was not fretted. I even decided to move up to the front of the gym to shove my healthiness anticipation in everyone's faces. Wrong choice. Around five minutes into the video, I presume I did one of the exercises wrong, and I experienced a fatally sharp hurt in my upper thigh. I didn't yell or anything, I just let out a tiny, high pitched scream in my head in my outer being. Yeah you can probably assume what happened next. I told my PE teacher Mr. Chambers what happened, he thought it was a load of poop. And he took off ten points for that day. But other than that, as I type this, I still have a dull pain in my thigh. Well, lebewohl.

I'm sick.

            Sorry I missed couple of entries. Lately I've been reading Les Miserables. I've read many reviews of the book by Victor Hugo, but when I managed to check it out at the school library, it was a huge surprise to see that the book was 1463 pages long! Evidently, this guy wasn't afraid of writing. Considering how I read at a leisurely pace, I'm only on page 23. But, I have also been been snatching a couple of examples for Tom Heehler's second version of The Well Spoken Thesaurus. I hope he won't reject them. A couple of months back, I gave him ten examples of words you can substitute. He tolerated half of them. But this time I will not fail to grant him the best examples I can think of!
            And also, on Thursday I discovered one of the best anime's to exist on the face of the earth, (or at least by my opinion) Gurren Lagann. It basically revolves around a shit-load of explosions, deaths, suspense, and boobs. I spent all of my limited time on my sister's laptop watching the first season, and I didn't even bother writing in Live journal for the hell of it. I never really was a big fan of anime whatsoever, but now I take every chance get have to watch it.
            Today, I had one one the worst fever's I have ever had in my life, my heart was to jump into my throat, I felt extremely frail, my head was on the verge of exploding, congestion, upset stomach, itchy, burning throat, loss of balance and appetite! Nearly any symptom you can fathom, I had it. I stayed home and suffered for quite a while. Then I finally managed to get outside,(I've heard that Vitamin D helps heal a cold) and I felt horrid, and I could hardly open my eyes due to that fact that I slept for such an extended period. My dad thought I looked completely fine, he said I was just lazy and I had a stupid excuse not to go to school. Little did he know, I threw up that morning and I felt just, just, dreadful. I didn't answer him and prepared a cup of tea. As I write this, my head's pulsing, and my extremities are frozen. Expectantly and hopefully, my fever goes down by tomorrow, I cannot possibly miss an assignment in Mr. Easter's class ever again. 


          Sadly I didn't go to the public library yesterday for the fault my dad catching me sneaking out. My parents don't want me reading any book other than the Bible. so I'm assuming they don't want me to have an imagination either. I completely reject that! How can anyone go a whole lifetime reading only a mere Bible? Contradictions, rebellion, and anarchy is all my parents suspect I am when it comes to religion, I'm not, I just have a lot of opinions.
          Ever since I've returned to the lucid gravel of Lower Lake High School, people are starting to ignore the fact that there are many a Freshmen like me smothering the school. This year is the largest amount of students that the school has ever had. With one third of them being Freshmen. On the start of the school year no one gave me an appealing or welcoming expression. Now I'm just a discreet presence, in a discreet high school. It's nice to know that I'll be looked at neutrally from now on.
          I want to spend more time on the roof, or as I named it, Silas. I don't know, there's just something about that roof that puts me in my place and makes me feel, mirthful (and the view isn't too bad either). It's the only place where I can loosen my taut nerves, the only place in which I can feel disconnected from any troubles. By my opinion, It's the calm and slow moments in life that we should enjoy most. For they can only exist in one's mind. It's your own feeling, in your own head. These moments of utter disconnection are the only times I can experience true peace. 
          And guess what? tomorrow is the UB meeting for all freshmen! Upward Bound is a program that helps out with college, tuition,careers, and other things related to that mater. Apparently Upward Bound has various field trips and souvenirs because the program is given one million dollars, once every four years. I was given a pamphlet in the middle of sauntering in fifth period welding, the paper read: Attention all Upward Bound recruits, you're invited to join the upperclassmen for pizza and soda in room 84 this Friday, we will tell you all of the activities we will do throughout the 2011-2012 school year. See you there! I put the paper down gently and thought, "I'm going to look like a tiny fool in that room with a bunch of seniors." But I didn't let my conscience take advantage of me, I instilled my head with words of optimism. So tommorow i'm going to take a bit of extra time to curl my hair and apply make up. But I shouldn't be worrying of my looks, or my "popularity" Let's pray for the best, and that this meeting goes well.


          I've been attempting to avoid a lot of the people that I know lately. For no apparent reason, I'm a bit angry at one specific person, Brenda. It's terrible how many perverse jokes she laughs at, and they are primarily in relation to her. Her freedom is getting a bit out of hand and it's concerning. Yesterday she apparenlty went to Renee's house/room with three other guys, and she was the only girl in there! I don't know of other people's opinion, but I would consider that to be a hoe. Actually, I'm not that genuine that's how you spell hoe. Then he said to her, "Hey Brenda, now I guess you can't say I've never got you in my bed."
          She told me she was laughing so hard when he said that. Well I would be angry and bitter. I've "diagnosed" her with PCBO (Partial Compulsive Boy Obsession) She's always ditching me for any guy to flirt with, yet she never shows with her body language that she want's to go out with anyone and that's why I call it partial. It's humored because there's some lesbian chick going after Brenda in her PE class. Now that I consider it, Brenda does look like a lesbian. She has short hair, and is constantly wearing jeans and "hardcore" band t-shirts. I've also noticed that I discovered everything she likes before her. I discovered Paramore before her, Panic At The Disco, Twilight, bands in general. But now I'm over the little rock stage of my life, like side bangs, eyeliner, band tees. I now listen to more better things like Belle and Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens, and 2000 Coldplay. The new Coldplay is dreaded. I also eradicated the side bang look, I just put them up now. Brenda's all, "go with the flow" bland and boring. I need to meet some new people and to be more talkative. Yet also control my tongue so inane words don't reserve my reputation. I've been climbing trees more often, it's a stress reliever like ripping out grass when you sit on a field. Avoiding people is conceivably bad for me, but I prefer it.